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Hi, friends! Today I post another new layout that I created recently. This layout is with the photo that my daughter and I were having "a small talk" on the second day after she was born. I couldn't remember what we were talking about, maybe something about how I worried about I couldn't take good care of her.She was so small and gentle, I almost forget she used to be such a small baby!

In this layout I tried to make it an aged look. I use "distress ink" to ink the edge and tear some pieces also. I like the whole feeling, it looks like an old page from the bottom of grandma's box.

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So long time not to renew my blog, I am so lazy!!! But I didn't stop scrap for the past several weeks. So here comes my new layout.

It is the photo that I was pregnant at the 9th month. Well, over 9 months to be exactly. My "lazy" girl was 13 days overdue. I was really, really dreaming of her everyday!

some details: