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Hi, friends! Today I post another new layout that I created recently. This layout is with the photo that my daughter and I were having "a small talk" on the second day after she was born. I couldn't remember what we were talking about, maybe something about how I worried about I couldn't take good care of her.She was so small and gentle, I almost forget she used to be such a small baby!

In this layout I tried to make it an aged look. I use "distress ink" to ink the edge and tear some pieces also. I like the whole feeling, it looks like an old page from the bottom of grandma's box.

the title

the flowers

I am dreaming of you  

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So long time not to renew my blog, I am so lazy!!! But I didn't stop scrap for the past several weeks. So here comes my new layout.

It is the photo that I was pregnant at the 9th month. Well, over 9 months to be exactly. My "lazy" girl was 13 days overdue. I was really, really dreaming of her everyday!

some details:

Summer fun  

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This summer is going further and further, so I did this layout "summer fun" to remember it. The photos are from Emma again, she was playing with sand in the playground.

The coconut trees and the circles below the photos are all created by hand. I used Rub_ons from Basicgrey. It is my first time to use rub_ons. I cut the whole rub_ons into several pieces and used them around the pohots. I like the results!

Thanks for looking! Nice Day!

The circles and rub_ons

The coconut trees

Seven months  

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My new layout with the photos from last summer that my daughter is exact 7 months. She is so cute in the pink dress.I love her chubby face!

The back ground paper is from paperpizazz(use 'em for anything Citrus). But the position of the strip pattern is not I want. So I cut the upper part of the paper and pasted down to make the strip in the middle of the layout. I cut other strip patterns(Basicgrey) to cover pasted trace. It is fun to change the paper as what you want.

Thanks for dropping by! Nice friday!

The title

The small bird

The lace and stitch

proud mother  

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This layout is with the photos that I was holding my newborn Emma. I really feel proud to be a mother. Being a mother changes my life totally. My husband and I have to schedule everything according to Emma and for everything, our starting point is Emma. It is not easy but we enjoy the new life style.

Here I cut the flowers from pattern paper and pasted on the black carton paper. I used some cake papers as the background. It is very interesting to use some "unnormal" stuffsin a layout. Thanks for looking and nice day!


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Today's layout is my family's first photo. It was taken just few minutes after my daughter was born. That night was Christmas eve and the whole deliver center was empty except us and the midwifes. Yes, I got my best Christmas gifts ever_my daughter!

Snow white  

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Today I post my new Layout: Snow white. The photo was taken when my daughter was five days old and she was dressed in white.Isn't she the princess Snow White?

I scrapped according to the challenge of "Dream girls". This challenge is so cool, it is called as "white it out".Here is the requirements:

For this layout, I created almost everything by hand. I cut the background paper with scissors and punched the holes(Elena's tool is super! Thanks a lot!). I cut one corner of the paper and patched with three layers of lace. The Flowers are also made of lace. I used the same paper to make leaves and stitched a little bit. Under the photo, I cut several block of paper in order to make the transparent lace distinct. The tag is also punched with holes and the thread goes it through.

The tag reads: I still remember that morning. It was the first time that Emma went back home after she was born. she knew it and smiled.

My angel  

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Now is my new LO which I did with our scrapbooking group. I follow the sketch of "TOGA" challenge. The sketch is so nice and there are lots of followers. Hope to be lucky!

This photo is taken by my husband and I like it very much. My 18-month-old daughter, Emma, was running around and just stopped to look at a bird. Then my husband grasped the moment.Well done!

Home in Germany  

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Since I got to know and started scrapbooking when I came Germany, I just post here the 1st LO as "Home in Germany". At that time I had almost nothing to scrap and I couldn't find any scrapbooking stuffs in Juelich. So I used everything I found. I remember the two small background of photos is from some advertisments,I cut the photos by hand and made the flower one petal by another. And after a long time, I borrowed instrument to make the embossing edge. It is simple and rough, but it made lots of fun. I like scrapbooking beacuase it give me a large space to create and image!

My scrapbooking blog  

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Here is my new blog just for scrapbooking.

I have been scraped for several years, but I am not a hard working person, so I did not so much. Recently my friends also started to scrap. We always talk about it and do scrapbooking toghether. For me scrapbooking seems to be much more fun than before. After one friend opened her blog, then I decided to do after her. It is also a way to encourage me to work on it more.

Enjoy my scrapbooking time!